Queer Eye Season 5 Fans Love The Emotional Therapy

The fifth season of this famous show landed on the streaming giant just the last week, and it brought a whole lot of tear-jerking moments and many good vibes.

The fans of the show just went emotional watching season five of this famous show.


The emotional Twitter users who all have binged the show are now describing it as a ‘Like therapy’. This is the most that we can relate to being very honest.

Now the return of the popular 360-degree like makeover show, the show takes it cue from Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy-saw the fabulous five arrive in Philadelphia to meet more inspiring humans and also bring out some transformative lifestyle changes.

Now among those people is a clergyman who is struggling with his identity as a gay man, who also feels that he ‘cannot be the kind of the leader in the church that I could be’.

Everywhere else in the show, the fivesome meets a mother who is seen juggling her commitments with her career as a doctor and also as a woman who is very self-conscious about her height.

But here we are not sure what it is all about the chemistry between life coaches Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and the last Jonathan Van Ness and Karoma Brown that works so good, but whatever it is we are now onto it.

The show’s sensitive exploration of the identity, human connection, and self-worth gets their fans and us every time and Twitter also clearly agrees, with some comparing watching an episode to an hour in the chair of the therapist.

Someone in the comment section said something very emotional about the show. “Queer Eye’ is like therapy for me. There are lots of tears for me in the first episode of season 5.

Faith, sexuality, and ministering to the marginalized. I needed that today, Thank You @Queer Eye’.

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