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Punch Man season 2 has been revealed, with the anime series now confirmed

The premiere date and streaming support platform for One-Punch Person year 2 have been revealed. Based on the manga series by One and Yusuke Murata, One-Punch Man provides a sideways take on both the superhero genre and also the area of anime, merging comedy and humor with exhilarating fight scenes and an imaginative roster of colorful characters. The story concentrates on Saitama, after getting so powerful, a man who turned himself but has drifted into boredom, he could decimate any foe.

The first season of One-Punch Person ‘s anime adaptation originally aired in late 2015 and became a direct hit in Japan and the West, adopting the manga up before the conclusion of Saitama’s struggle against the evil alien invader, Boros. Development swiftly started on a second season but behind-the-scenes issues pressured the project into altering both its director and manufacturing company, resulting in an extended delay between seasons. After an agonizing wait, a brief trailer premiered last year which supported Saitama’s return for sometime in April 2019.

Viz Media has announced that One-Punch Man year two will premiere on April 9th, the same day the show begins in Japan, exclusively on Hulu with English subtitles. A dubbed release is likely after this year to follow, but this remains unconfirmed for the moment. Together with the statement, Viz also released a brand-new One-Punch Man poster for period two.

One-Punch fans will undoubtedly be delighted to finally hear a confirmed date for Saitama’s return, rather than having the traditional delay between Japanese and Western releases is an additional bonus. But some may have preferred to see that the series premiere on a popular platform, for example, Netflix at which the first period of One-Punch Man was available for streaming, or even the anime-centric Crunchyroll. Among the largest complaints in the era of streaming, use is clients needing to purchase a full subscription package only for a couple of shows they like, in addition to the services they signed up for.

As for what One-Punch Man year 2 may have in store for fans, the brand new poster offers several clues. The protagonist Garou is featured prominently, suggesting he’ll be the main antagonist for the run of episodes, and Suiryu is also heavily featured, with his spine. This suggests that the martial Arts Tournament’ arc will form the majority of One-Punch Man’s second time, together with Garou’s campaign of terror against the Heroes Association occurring simultaneously. Season 2 will therefore likely conclude shortly before the emergence of the Monsters Association, which will almost definitely be saved for a potential third season.

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