PUBG Mobile’s New Anti-Cheat System Is Here: What Is It, How Does It Work?

PUBG Mobile’s New Anti-Cheat System Is Here- What Is It, How Does It Work

PUBG Mobile’s New Anti-Cheat System Is Here: Pubg Mobile is one of the best first-person shooter games. It is also one of the most widely played multiplayer games. We all know multiplayer games are widely played and many payers tend to use cheat codes to win games. It becomes unfair for other players who are playing fair if these cheats are played during the game.

To tackle this Pubg has launched a new anti-cheat system, which according to Tencent Games will help improve the competitiveness among players while at the same time help crack down on cheaters.

PUBG Mobile’s New Anti-Cheat System Is Here What Is It, How Does It Work

The tracking of the cheating players will be done by the existing spectate mode, which gets a peer view mechanism. The company claims that with this update, the game will be able to determine in real-time if a player is visible in the view of the game host. Then the information will be processed if the player is cheating or not.

Pubg players all around the world are trying to get new hacks to work in the game but Tencent is also doing its best to erase all the corrupted players.

The company states that the updated Spectating System Upgrade aims to achieve two key improvements: First is to “resolve the use of cheating by manipulating the existing Spectate Mode” and to “further improve upon Spectate Mode to better identify and eliminate suspicious behaviors elsewhere in the game.”

Apart from this, the company has announced that it has remedied an ongoing cheat that helped cheaters kill players with a single shot.

This is how the new version of the game will function and detect all the corrupt players using their new method. For more exciting news and amazing leaks stay connected and stay tuned.