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Pubg Mobile Season 13 Toy Playground Is Now Live

Pubg Mobile Season 13 Toy Playground Is Now Live, The 13th season named Toy Playground had kicked off last night in PUBG mobile. It brought a new competitive season which includes new rewards and a new battle pass.

The players who are ranked Gold or above in this season will earn exclusive cosmetics. Those players who ranked and has finished top ten five times in Gold tier or above will be receiving a suit. The Platinum tier will be offering a headgear and the Diamond tier will reward the players with a weapon skin.

Pubg Mobile Season 13 Toy Playground Is Now Live


The traditional rewards are also featured for Crown, Ace, and Conqueror ties, the highest levels that can be reached in the game. The players also received awards for their ranking in season 12.

The new battle pass has also been released with the latest season. It features toy-themed cosmetics with flashy colors. The players who have purchased the Elite pass, or Elite Pass Plus with UC, will get various rewards such as more exclusive cosmetics, a cute matryoshka themed backpack skin and the other rewards in addition to the advantages of the upgraded passes.


Players who do not purchase the pass, though, still get rewards by reaching certain tier levels after earning points with the daily missions and challenges. Tier 20 unlocks the foxtrot emote, tier 30 offers the Rock and Role parachute skin, and Tier 50 rewards the players with the flashy toy alliance skin for the P29 gun, for example.

The Royale Pass has got 100 tiers overall and will end on July 12. The Premium crates were also updated and now featuring Lieutenant Parsec Outfit.

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