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PS5 Can Crush Xbox Series X On Sales

PlayStation and Xbox Series have been rivals int eh gaming world. They are the leading producers of high tech gaming consoles, which give one of a kind gaming experience.

It’s hard to say whether fans will want to buy the PS5 or the Xbox Series X in greater numbers. Because according to the recent trends those people who buy a PlayStation are more inclined towards buying a sony console next time. This trend has been set since the release of the first PlayStation and Xbox and has been the same ever since.

According to sony, the have given the statistics that they will able to sell approximately 120 million pieces of PS5s. If that’s true, then Sony expects the PS5 to sell even better than the PS4, which has sold 110 million units over the course of seven years.


On the contrary, Xbox plans to sell 60 million pieces of its console. This is very less than that of the PlayStation console.

This may not be a realistic number, as the PS4 has sold fewer units than that over a longer timeframe. On the other hand, perhaps the PS5 will deliver an experience that targets a wider demographic than traditional console gamers. Until the console launches, it will be hard to tell — and even then, Sony could add any number of features designed to attract new customers after the fact.

There is also an idea that Mircosoft is selling less of its pieces then sony as there is an inventory loss.

In any case, these are only initial reports, and a lot could change between now and 2025. Assuming that the given statistics are accurate it would be a tough competition between the two companies, and this would be a close call for the other one to win.



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