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Project Power: Some Unique Superpower Drugs From TV And Movies




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Project Power: Updates, The first trailer for the movie Project Power, starring Jamie Fox and Joseph Gordon, promises a tale that is unique about superpower drugs. But we have seen this premise before, sometimes even more unique than Project Power seems to be portraying. Well, let’s take a look at some of the most unique superpower drugs from TV and shows and Movies.

  • Compound V(The Boys)

Compound V is essentially a superpower performance-enhancing drugs. It boosts the power of the users, and it has also got some recreational benefits. It is also revealed that Compound V is used to create super-powered beings in the very first place, by injecting children with drugs.

  • Spice (Dune)

Spice Melange, or the Spice from the science fiction movies by Frank Herbert, gives the users some buffs. Longer life heightened awareness, and it can also unlock powers latent in the users. Spice is addictive and the withdrawals can kill a person. The Spice is somewhat unique.

  • Super Soldier Serum (Captain America)

Super Soldier Serum (Captain America)

This may seem a lot more obvious, but maybe not. It is easy to forget that the Super Soldier Serum is, essentially, a drug that grants huge superpowers. Most notably in the case of Captain America.

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Although it is not temporary, it counts. Maybe it lacks the illicit feeling of the other entries in the list.

  • Extremis Serum (Iron Man)

From the Marvel comics, and taking a starring role in the MCU with Iron Man 3, Extremis rewrites human DNA. Powers that it grants the users with super healing, strength, and reflexes, it also grants the power of creating heat up to thousands of degrees of Celcius.

Well, the drug was engineered, by the nefarious org Advanced Idea Mechanics(AIM).  It used amputees to test the substance, regrowing their limbs, and converting them into assassins for its own ends.

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