Priyanka Reddy Case: Four Accused in Hyderabad Scandal Killed in Police Encounter, Killed Trying to Escape


In Hyderabad, the four accused of priyanka reddy case, who had done havoc with the vet, were shot dead by the police. According to the Telangana police, the accused were taken to recycle the crime scene on National Highway-44. During this time, the accused tried to escape from police custody. After this, the police opened fire on them. In this encounter, the four accused died on the spot.

Shot in self-defence

DCP Prakash Reddy of Shamshabad said, “The Cyberabad police had brought the accused to recycle the crime scene so that the episodes related to the incident could be linked. Meanwhile, the accused snatched the weapons from the police and opened fire on them. In self-defense, the police shot him, killing the accused.


Accused killed between three and six o’clock in the morning

Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said, “Accused Mohammad Arif, Naveen, Siva and Chennakeshawulu were killed this morning in a police encounter at Chatanapalli in Shadnagar. All died between three in the morning and six in the morning. I have reached the spot and will be given further information soon. ‘

All these accused were placed in police remand. The police had taken the four accused under the same flyover where they set the victim on fire. The crime scene was being recast here. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the haze, he tried to escape. To stop them, the police opened fire in which they died. The Commissioner of Police has confirmed that the accused were killed in a police encounter.

In this way, the accused hatched a conspiracy

This case is on 28 November. These four accused Mohammad Arif, Shiva, Naveen, Keshavulu were drinking alcohol at the Thondupali ORR toll plaza when they saw the female doctor standing there on a scooter. Only then did he create a creepy conspiracy.

These people had intentionally punctured the female doctor. After this, he took her to a secluded place under the pretext of helping him where he was gang-raped and murdered. Later, after putting petrol, the body was set on fire. After this, he parked the victim’s scooter in Kothur and took the truck to Aramgarh at five in the morning. Police found the victim’s half-dead body under a flyover.