Will there be Prison School Season 2?

As many people are finding of the Prison School, majorly are waiting for the anime to get renewed and release in its second season. Prison School is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most loved series of recent times. The show has garnered positive feedback from the audience and doing very well in its second season. With the end of the first part, the viewers are expecting the studio to release Prison School Season 2.

Inspired by the Japanese manga series that shares the same title, Prison School is one of the highly famous anime at the time of its release. Even before the anime adaption happened, the series gained an amazing number of readers from the mania phase. People from around the world took their internet to the story because of how intriguing it was. The story focus on Hachimitsu Academy, which is only restricted to girls’ schooling and learning. After some time, the Academy thought to add boys into their institutions which makes things worse.


Prison School Season 2

Besides entertaining, the series has a compelling storyline. Centers around Kiyoshi Fujino, the main protagonist of the show find out that he is one of those 5 boys that got transferred to the school and surrounded by 1000 girls. As the series continues, we find out that the school has tons of strict laws which makes these people’s livelihood worse than ever. 

Throughout the first season, the story takes amazing turns, and believe me it is more amazing than any crime-based series. The anime has a different genre and it collects the feeling of the viewers in amazing form. The fans got connected with the series and waited for the officials to continue the show further. Will there be Prison School Season 2? Here is everything that you ended to know about the series in detail. 

Prison School: What is it?

Prison School Season 2

Prison School is a popular Japanese anime series that is based on a manga book that shares the same titles. Written and Illustrated by Akira Hiramoto, who is popularly known for his work in prison school and Me and the Devil Blues.

In 2015, the first season of Prison school was premiered and it makes people question the future of the show. The show has gained spectacular ratings from the audience and critics. 

directed by Tsutomu Mizushima and created by Akira Hiramoto, the story of the show centers around Kiyoshi Fujino, who is one of the few boys that got into the Highschool. As the series continues, Kiyoshi Fujino finds out that he, along with four boys who are his friends are the only boys among the 1000 girls. 

The show has developed its plot with suspense and every new season makes us question the future. The second season will have the answers to a lot of questions but it’s been almost 7 years and the officials are still not able to come up with the answers. 

Moreover, the series was ended on a major cliffhanger and there are thousands of questions that left suspense. There should be another season that would clear the doubt of the audience. 

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 Will there be Prison School Season 2?

Prison School Season 2 renewal status

As much as the viewers are concerned about the future of the series, it looks like the officials are nowhere interested in it. The series has already released in its first season in 2015. As the series continues the release of its episode until the last one, the fans were positive about the second season of the series. 

The show has ended on a cliffhanger and it is making everyone die to know what happens in the future. The series has more room for the plot but unfortunately, the studio is not concerned about it. 

On the other hand, the author of the manga series is regularly updating the fans about the story. Based on the manga series, Akira Hiramoto, the author is regularly publishing his work. Released in 2015, the show has already made the public a long wait for its second season.

In an official statement, back in the days when the series was released, the director showed his interest in making more episodes of the series. He has talked about his plans for the show and confidently makes the audience believes that the series shave future. But times have changed and so do the feeling of the showrunners. J.C.Staff has lined up multiple anime series including The demon girl Next Door Season 2 to get released this year,

However, the viewers have still hopes that the show will renew the series and will come back soon. It’s been more than 7 years and if the show was already confirmed to be released, it would have been premiered by now. 

In between, there emerges many rumors that suggested that Prison School Season 2 is under development, However, the officials never came out the support the argument and it faded over time. 

This concludes that the series is yet to get an official confirmation from the fans. Given the times, the fans are still waiting for the series to get announced. 

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When Prison School Season 2 is going to Release?

Are you waiting for the series to get confirmed? Yes, we know that any fan of the series is eagerly waiting for the official to release the statement regarding the future of the series. Even though there are a lot of things to conclude and the future of the show is bright, J.C. Staff is playing hard on this. 

The showrunners have not announced anything about the show. The future of the series is already on hold because the anime is neither confirmed nor canceled by the officials. 

Moreover, Prison School has the potential to get another s4ason as the popularity of the anime is known among the world world. With 7.6/10 ratings on both IMDb and MyAnimeList, the show must get another season. 

The majority of the fans are already shifted to read the manga as there is no hope for the series. We are all area aware that the anime comeback may take up to a decade to get announced. There are many reports which suggest that J.C.Staff is already busy and the schedule is packed. 

For the people who are wondering if there will be Prison School Season 2 or not, you have to wait for more to get everything clear. 

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There are speculations if Kiyoshi Fujino is going to fight back against all those villains that make him suffer in the first season? Prison School is known as one of the best J.C.Staff series. Besides the genuine queries from the fans, the show has still not been able to release an official statement about the show. The series is neither confirmed nor canceled by them and fans are waiting to hear the updates. The studio is already scheduling the release of the new anime series in 2022 and this year is going to be super packed for them. 

What do you think? Do you believe in Prison school Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know about them. Follow Honknews to get all the recent updates. 

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