Presidential Election Comes Down to a Few States as Vote Counting Continues


Vote counting continued in the closely fought presidential race Thursday as Joe Biden was within striking distance of the presidency and President Trump pursued legal actions in key states in an effort to keep open his pathway to a second term.

Mr. Biden stood six electoral votes away from the 270 needed to win the White House after scoring key victories in the Midwestern battlegrounds of Wisconsin and Michigan, according to the Associated Press tally. A win in Nevada, where the race remains close, would get him the needed six electoral votes.


The AP has declared Mr. Biden the winner in Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes. The Trump campaign is disputing that call, arguing that mail-in ballots yet to be counted there would ultimately deliver the state to the president. In Arizona, Mr. Biden’s lead stands at about 68,400 votes, with more votes left to count.

On Thursday, Mr. Biden’s lead grew slightly in Nevada to over 11,000 votes, according to the AP, and officials said more results are being released Friday. The AP reported Thursday that Mr. Trump’s lead in Georgia was at 13,200 votes and his lead in Pennsylvania was at 111,400 votes. All three states were continuing to count votes Thursday.

Both sides exuded confidence about their prospects and began raising money for the possibility of an extended legal fight. The moves cap a bitter campaign and a race conducted amid a deadly pandemic that has been closer in some key states than polls suggested.