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Premiere of “Ultimate Tag” of J.J. Watt details!




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J.J. Watt a famous celebrity is back with his yet another show, “Ultimate Tag”. Ultimate Tag is a contest where the contestants have to perform three tasks.

Ultimate Tag was premiered on Wednesday night on FOX. J. J. Watt hosted the show with Derek and T.J. The show will be aired on Wednesdays at 8 pm CT on FOX.

Ultimate Tag is a competition-based show which gained immense popularity.

What was the Competition for the show “Ultimate Tag”?

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The competition in the show consists of three tasks. The first task being labyrinth-like courses. The second challenge of the show was betting multiple taggers. And the final task of the show consists of unleashing. The contestants had to complete all the above-mentioned tasks. With the completion of the task, time was also recorded. Fastest ones used to get additional brownie points. Also, there was a penalty too. If any contestant gets tagged then it was counted as a penalty.

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What’s the price of the competition in Ultimate Tag?

Ultimate Tag of J.J. Watt

Talking of the most anticipated part, “The Price”. As mentioned above there were three tasks of the competition where time, scores, and penalties were calculated. If the contestant completes the tasks in the fastest time, there will be a winner. Also, the winner of “Ultimate Tag” will receive $10,000 as the price.

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The price was high and so was the competition. It was ensured that the competition was tough enough even for the toughest contestants.

After the telecast of the show, J.J. Watt tweeted and informed his fans how happy he saw to see such enthusiasm over the show. He shows his gratitude to fans through Twitter. Also, he is waiting for the fans to be back next Wednesday for some new action and competition of Ultimate Tag.

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