Pop TV Revealed Premiere Date ‘One Day at a Time’ Season 4


Almost a year Later That the Alvarez family was Awarded the boot in Netflix, One Day at a Time Formally has a premiere date for its introduction on Pop TV. On Monday, January 13, the system announced at the Television Critics Association winter press tour the 13-episode fourth year, the series’ first on Pop TV, will launch Tuesday, March 24 at 9:30 p.m. ET, heading from this Emmy-nominated humor Schitt’s Creek. The show will then proceed to 9 p.m. starting on Tuesday, April 14.

“The enthusiastic response from enthusiasts because announcing our newest year of One Day at a Time was thrilling,” Brad Schwartz, Pop TV’s president, said in a statement, based on PEOPLE. “The show is more significant than ever with its uncanny capability to handle external social problems through the lens of a relatable, adoring family. The exceptionally talented team behind and in front of the camera make us pleased to possess One Day at a Time at the residence at Pop TV.”

Not everything will probably be recognizable After the series creates its Pop TV introduction. Throughout the TCA’s, One Day at a Time Gloria Calderón Kellett that was co-showrunner verified the show’ theme tune, two-second bop listed by pop star Gloria Estefan, a one moment, will probably be cut. The choice was wide because of the series’ move in the streaming platform to commercial TV, in which episodes need to match a 21-minute window, Variety reports.

“It is OK, it is on YouTube,” Kellett told reporters. “Gloria Estefan’s going to be OK. We are going to tell people, and we converse about it. But we do not have that 50 minutes; we want it to the series.”

Additionally, Fitting in using a TV that is commercial, instead of having all episodes of this season fall simultaneously, they’ll be published on a foundation, meaning breaks and a shorter time.

“We are excited To continue once per week,” executive producer Mike Royce stated, adding that”I do not believe we are going to attempt and modify the capability to let it breathe occasionally.”

Debuting in January of 2017 on Netflix and becoming a Fan-favorite, the show was canceled by Netflix in March of 2019, sparking widespread backlash from fans that started petitioning for a different network to conserve One Day at a Time. Back in June, Pop TV announced that it had picked up the string for a fourth year, marking the first time a cable community had rescued a canceled show that first aired streaming support.

One Day at a Time Season 4 premieres on Pop TV on Tuesday, March 24 at 9:30 p.m. ET. It’ll move to 9 p.m. ET starting on Tuesday, April 14.


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