Police: CPD Officer Shot During ‘Traffic Investigation’ on Far South Side

Police: CPD Officer Shot During ‘Traffic Investigation’ on Far South Side

A Chicago police officer and a suspect were both injured during a traffic stop in the Calumet Heights area on the city’s South Side on Wednesday night, according to authorities.

In the early hours of the morning around 92nd Street and Stony Island Avenue, officers approached the vehicle with two persons inside and detained them, according to Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown.


According to Brown, the automobile was stopped because the cops feared the occupants were engaged in “various forms of criminality in the neighborhood.”

According to Brown, shots were fired between a 4th District officer and one of the occupants in the vehicle, although it was not immediately apparent who fired the initial shot.

A bullet struck the officer in the lower leg, causing him to be sent to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where his condition was stabilized, according to authorities.

In the automobile, a male passenger was struck in the torso and sent to the nearest hospital for treatment. It was not immediately clear what was wrong with him.

In addition, Brown said that a second individual was apprehended close to the location of the incident and that a pistol had been seized from the automobile that had been stopped.

In the meanwhile, Brown said outside the hospital facility after seeing the injured officer that “we believe we have everyone who was engaged in custody, either as a person of interest or as an offender.”

“We need further investigation, interviews, video, and witnesses to come forward so that we can put together what happened,” Brown said. “We need to piece together what happened.”

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability said that it is conducting a normal investigation into the use of force.