Police: 2 Men Killed In Fiery Crash After Being Rear-Ended By Speeding Driver In Philly


According to Philadelphia police, two individuals were murdered after they were rear-ended by a speeding, inebriated vehicle.

Around 11 p.m. Saturday, it happened near the junction of Stenton Avenue and East Johnson Street in West Oak Lane.


After being rear-ended by another motorist, a car with two males inside exploded into flames, according to police.

Residents in the area hurried over to try to rescue the guys from the flaming automobile, but they were unable.

“It was a loud smash that was followed by a pop… The automobile was engulfed in flames when I arrived. Everyone is rushing up the street to assist “one of my neighbors recounted.

Both of the guys who perished in the accident have yet to be named.

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Witnesses who talked with Action News claimed the accident had wreaked havoc on the neighborhood.

“Today at church, I prayed for the family. I just wish the families are able to get out of this; it’s a nightmare “Thorpe Young, who claimed to have heard the collision, remarked

According to police, the individual who caused the collision is in serious condition in the hospital and will be prosecuted with DUI and vehicular murder soon.

Police are asking anybody with more information to phone 215-686-TIPS.