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Pokemon Journey: Goh is Evolving [Spoiler Ahead]

Pokemon Journey is streaming on Netflix and Goh is evolving as a core member of his team, but there are many more consequences than expected.

Warning: It Contains the spoilers for season 1 part 2 episode 5 of Pokemon Journeys

The main focus of Goh on his journey is to catch every pokemon but he got inspired by Ash to train his pokemon to become stronger. He tries to train his pokemon his way as Ash’s years of hard work are untamable. There’s a lot for Goh to learn and he took a step forward to transform his pokemon’s stubborn attitude.

Goh Challenges his pokemon

Goh’s and his pokemon Darmantain challenge Scorbunny while Pikachu and Scorbunny were training against each other. Dalmatian is a fire-type pokemon and pushes Scorbunny to use the same attack towards it.

Pokemon Journey -Goh is Evolving [Spoiler Ahead]

But Scorbunny avoids doing so. So Goh ended up the fight since he found his pokemon stressing himself out and considered Scprbunny’s efforts irrelevant. Goh thinks that it’s alright if Scorbunny cannot do fire type attacks since he has some other strong moves and can grow tough.

But Scorbunny is prideful Pokemon, he skipped his meal and train hard to fulfill his desires. After getting ember down, he chases Goh to show his moves but ends up failing miserably when he tried to blew a pelipper but the pelipper ran off, Annoyed Goh chased the pelipper and discovered Team Rocket and their secret base beneath phonebooth and planned to steal some of the pokemon ended up with a battle in which Pikachu defeated team rocket with a thunderbolt.

(Pokemon Journey) Goh and scornbunny’s confrontation

As Ash and Goh were walking back, Goh asks Scornbunny why he is so adamant about using his ember even if it’s weak. As Goh believes that Pokemon should stick to their strength while Scornbunny wants to discover his potential as a fire type pokemon. Frustrated Scornbunny kicks him off butt and ran away.

Ash consoled Goh to look after his Pokemon as they both are not cooperative and their battle strategies are ineffective. After this Goh chases after Scornbunny and found him alone in a park. Scornbunny kicks a pebble and it added a hint of fire in the pebble.

Goh calls him out but he was still angry and ran off and bumped into Jessie. This lead to a battle between Chewtle and Scornbunny and his attacks succeed this time and he transformed into Reboot.

But this evolution changed his personality. This is another hurdle that needs to be overcome and much more to come.



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