Pirates of Caribbean 6: Johnny Depp Not To Reprise The Role Of Jack Sparrow?

Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney is a gift that keeps giving. The studio has verified their fantasy film series, Pirates of the Caribbean’s sixth installment. Yes, the information is confirmed and we’re going to get an element of the pirate film. The series already has five movies!

Pirates of Caribbean 6: What’s Next?


One large confirmed news regarding the plot of this sixth installment is that Davy Jones is coming. Will Turner visualizes a nightmare in which he sees Davy Jones returning. The nightmare is going to come true in the sixth part. Davy Jones will be back with his vengeance and. Rumors are that the audience might get to see some information faces as well. The rumor is the part may find a female pirate also. This may provide an opportunity for Disney to continue the franchise on the experiences of other individual characters. But that is not what the fans await. The sixth installment is what everybody is thrilled for.

Pirates of Caribbean 6: Johnny Depp Not To Reprise The Role Of Jack Sparrow?

There’s a lot of panic across the rumor that lovers’ Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp will not return for the toughest part. No, Jack Sparrow will come, but we just may not get to watch Johnny Depp reprising the erratic role. This is a disappointment for the fans. The reason behind this is said to be Depp demanding to get a much-praised payout. Finally, Disney Studios is believed to be the reason for the fallout. Depp is in the middle of a legal feud with his wife Amber Heard, who accused him of domestic violence. Fans are with fingers and they get to see Depp as their Jack Sparrow. The other cast members are said to be kept with Keira Knightley back as Elizabeth and Orlando Bloom with the function of Can Turner.

Pirates of Caribbean 6: Upgrades

Before it had been anticipated that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will fall this year. However, now because of some reasons such as the payout feud with Depp as well as the pandemic, Disney hasn’t been able to complete the project in time. It’s said that many parts of the forthcoming picture should be taken down and the makers are operating on some slight modifications in the script. This makes 2021 as the release period for the sixth part.

Fans are highly expected for its sixth installment, especially after the disappointing one. Disney reported some financial loss and will now try to recover it.