Phoenix Point has three human factions who have very different views on aliens intrested topic


The Phoenix Point launch date is almost over us, and there is a new trailer out now that looks at the political backdrop we will be operating within once it comes.

As twisted abominations come out from the sea, three individual portions have formed, each having their ideas regarding how best to go through the threat.


The clip also provides us with a look at the past of the Phoenix Project, a mysterious pan-governmental organization designed after World War II with a thought to transcend ideas of particular nations and states.

“We possessed bases in two dozen countries,” the voiceover states. “Even the heavens were not off-limits.”

It was the heavens, however, where issues seem to have started.

A lunar mission named Phoenix 2 completed in disaster and the project’s detractors in the United Nations went through – somehow – to push the Phoenix Project into hiding.

Things take a Lovecraftian move with the launch of the Pandoravirus.

Vast banks of mist acquired over the oceans and people started to vanish – only to come back in twisted, altered dynamics.

This accompanied massive, rapid ecological transformations, and in return to impending disaster, three portions formed.

There is New Jericho, who seems like your standard space marine-type authoritarians.

Maintained by a fellow called Tobias West, New Jericho’s acquired goal is the eradication of everything harmed by the Pandoravirus.

Synedrion, as per Phoenix Point’s official site, is an anarchist/communalist/syndicalist portion aimed at rebuilding the world with a vision of humanity not occupied with hierarchies.

Then there are the Disciples of Anu, states as “a new syncretic religion, dedicated to adaptation and biological transformation.”

The portions are too at odds with each other basically to cooperate in defense of a new wave of incursion from the Pandoravirus, and it is in this problematic moment that the Phoenix Project has been resurrected.

Phoenix Point arrives out on the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC December 3.