Pewdiepie. Who is he?


PewDiePie is a famous channel on youtube that has more than 100 million subscribers. This is the only channel that crossed the 100 million miles before any other in the world. His real name is Felix Arvid, who is a Swedish Youtuber, musician, comedian, gamer-commentator known for his great Youtube video content. His videos mainly consist of Let’s play videos and formatted comedian shows. Born on 24th October 1989, this 30-year-old man has become the biggest YouTuber in the world. He has a net worth of $30 Million.

I did not subscribe to his channel because recently he spoke disrespectful things about India after T-series(an Indian Music Industry) surpassed him as the world’s most subscribed channel this year. He had also created a music video of his own.



His lyrics were very disrespectful. Since PewDiePie has reached 101 million subscribers early this September, T-series has grown from 110 million to 116 million subscribers. This is such a figure that Pewdiepie cannot keep up even in his best form. It will be so much tough for him to overtake the Indian production company but, Pewdiepie could make it in the future.

I must say that Pewdiepie also deserves some respect because of his hard work. He works individually for his youtube content whereas T-series is a whole industry. In September he only just gained around 240,000 subscribers, which seems to be the lowest he has earned in one month since September 2017 exactly two years ago.
It is said that Pediepie might get banned in China.

This will be the biggest failure for him because China has the biggest population in the world. He might miss the milestone because of this. The news is still yet not confirmed because there is some confusion going on in this.

His channel grew so much now and now he also creates vlogs, in his addition to animated comedy shorts. He has collaborated with The Gregory Brothers for his new music video. He has earned enough name and fame from his Youtube channel.