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Petition for Danny DeVito to play MCU’s Wolverine


A new petition amassed over 50,000 signatures for Danny DeVito to play the role of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wolverine. Wolverine debuted in the closing panels of The Incredible Hulk and went on to become the most enduring and extremely popular characters in Marvel Comics. Created by Roy Thomas, Len Wein and John Romina Sr., Wolverine has been adapted in both animation and live-action multiple times.

He was given a more prominent role in the publication of #181 comics. Also known as Logan as well as Weapon X, Wolverine joined a revamped version of the X-Men and sometimes The Avengers. Wolverine was portrayed by Hugh Jackman on the big screen. He debuted as the iconic anti-hero in 2000’s X-Men, Jackman went on to play the role for over a decade, climaxing with the universally-lauded, Logan.

Danny DeVito


Ryan Reynolds had made persistent attempts to entice Jackman into patterning with Deadpool, but Jackman insisted that he was done with the role. With Disney acquiring Fox- passing over rights of X-Men- Kevin Feige will be casting a new Wolverine for MCU.

This has led to months of speculation as to who would land the role, as a result, has led to eruption on social media as to who should play the role. Started by Change.org petition many months ago, the petition has recently gained more attention as DeVito’s name was added into the running. Multiple signatures started pouring as the petition crossed over 50,000 signatures, setting 75,000 as the next target; one that will most likely be achieved by the end of the year. DeVito has neither acknowledged nor made any comments on the petition.

DeVito, who is no stranger to comic book adaptations had a discussion the idea of a Twins sequel earlier this month. His highly anticipated release is Jumanji: Next Level. Previously played The Penguin in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, he shared his thoughts over Farrell taking over as Penguin, with whom he starred in the live-action Dumbo adaptation. Although, it is extremely unlikely that the petition could sway the final casting.

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