People Need To Stop Freaking Out About Joe Manchin and Joe Biden’s Stimulus Bill

People Need to Stop Losing Their Minds Over Joe Manchin and Biden’s Stimulus Check Bill

President Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan was finally and unequivocally sabotaged by West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin on this final Sunday before Christmas. And that’s a shame — the Democratic response.

Here’s the latest to keep everyone informed. The rest of Biden’s agenda is now largely dependent on the results of the 2022 midterm elections. The Senate has now adjourned until 2021. Of course, without passing Biden’s $1.7 trillion Build Back Better spending plan, which sought to extend the monthly child tax credit stimulus checks for a year. Because Democrats barely control the Senate, Manchin’s “No” on the bill in a Sunday interview put its prospects in jeopardy. And there’s no guarantee it’ll pass in January, either.


Manchin, a Democrat, chose the Fox News Sunday broadcast on December 19 to finally declare his opposition to the bill in its current form. Manchin’s “No” joins 50 Republican “No’s” on the bill, a majority.

So the bill’s provisions, like the stimulus check extension, will never be implemented? No way. But it’s not Sen. Manchin’s fault that the Biden administration decided to “kitchen sink” its domestic agenda, cramming every priority into one monstrous bill – and not even the first bill over a trillion dollars this year. A trillion is one of those numbers that occurs rarely in nature. The world’s population is under a trillion. The trillion-dollar legislation starts flying once politicians win local popularity contests and get sent to Washington DC to spend other people’s money.

Blame the unconvinced

After the administration’s all-or-nothing legislative package blew up, one option is to disassemble it. For example, the child tax credit extension is perhaps the most popular Build Back Better feature among voters. Instead, Democrats have chosen to do what party members do whenever they are in power:

It’s far simpler to criticize the individual who won’t comply. Instead of really legislation. Convincing others of your position, horse-trading, negotiating.

They’re ready to tar and feather Sen. Manchin now because he won’t do the same for their agenda.

Clearly, none of you have studied history. This is one of the best features of American democracy. It’s the lack of a power concentration built into the system. Interestingly, if you ask the average American what makes America great? They may mention our press freedom. Maybe our rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. Such like that. Unaware that even despots like Russia enjoy a comparable set of rights.

White House: Manchin’s to blame

Unlike there, authority is not centralized in one person or one department of government.

It shouldn’t matter to you whether Sen. Manchin voted against the measure today because he’s an independent thinker, or because he’s in the pocket of a special interest organization. This is the system. It’s not the controversial West Virginia Senator’s fault Democrats couldn’t get a Senate majority last year.

The unfortunate tendency of both sides to modify the rules when they don’t like the result should be aghast. There are no rules, including no filibustering. When things don’t go their way on the playground, kids change the rules.

And today, one Democrat after another screamed to the press that Sen. Manchin is the root of all evil. Rather than reflect on what went wrong and try something fresh next time, the White House launched a lengthy, ugly rant against Manchin on Sunday. That is, it is all his fault. “One individual (Manchin) shouldn’t be able to obstruct a party’s agenda,” Democrats bemoan.

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In this scenario, there are 51 of them, men and women.

No surprise COVID-19 is out of control in the first year of a president who vowed to “shut down the virus” and restore comity and cooperation in Washington.

On a three-decade high. “Our nation has an attitude of lawlessness that stems from I don’t know whence,” says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The partisanship still seems as it did last year under Trump. So Biden’s approval rating has fallen.

“We should all focus on the variation… we have (COVID) coming at us in so many various facets and methods. It’s back in our lives.”

True. Who said that on Sunday?

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).