PEAKY Blinders season 6


Peaky Blinders has been a show that has recently picked up and has been a fan favorite since then. The show about the British Mafia starring Cillian Murphy and other stars has become a sensation in the hearts of the audience.

The question on why is it so raved about is the commendable acting of the casts of representing the crimes in Birmingham in 1919. Airing in December 2013, the show revolves around the dangerous Tommy Shelby, who runs the Mafia world in Britain and the Chief inspector Chester Campbell who has sought out to catch him.

Peaky Blinders

Fans of this series are more excited than ever as season 5 passes by. This show directed by Steven Knight, the latest season was released in August 2019. On the BBC and in October 2019 on Netflix. The previous season was directed by Anthony Byrne.

Season 5 focuses on Thomas Shelby and his allies try to steal the money which was lost during the 1929 stock crash. But that ends in him partnering with a Fascist leader of that time. This season also shows Thomas remembering his late wife Grace and his want to claim the ‘crown’.

Though the season ends on a dark key, it also hints on the events to follow in the succeeding season which includes the future of Manchester in the 1930s. Season 6 is confirmed to happen and there is speculation on season 7 as well.

There are expectations that this season meds to fulfill as the release date is not released by either BBC of Netflix. But the filming of the season is supposed to start in 2020.

Since the last season ended on a cliffhanger, there are major questions that need to be answered by the Franchise. Annabelle Willis has confirmed her return as Thomas’s dead wife Grace. Another cast is supposed to be added in the franchise, yet the time of appearance is still unknown. Apart from this information, many want to know about the stand of Tommy as he fails to assassinate his alley, the fascist leader who is known as Mosley.

Moving forward Tommy is supposed to face family issues as his family questions his abilities as his business is falling and he relies on them for loyalty.

Fans are excited to see the new season and get their questions answered and hopefully enjoy the further seasons of this amazing show.



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