Party of Five: Freeform Releases Trailer, Cast and Poster for Family Drama Reboot


The cable channel said on Friday that Freeform’s “Party of Five” will reboot on January 8, 2020. But if you can’t wait to watch that long series, then you’re in luck, with the news as the first date of the show was with a tear.

In the clip above, you’ll see Acosta Kids say goodbye to their parents at an immigration detention center in a heart-wrenching scene, showing how the series differs from the original starring Nive Campbell. , Which ran from Fox in 1994–2000.

According to Freeform, the “Party of Five” will follow five Acosta children as they navigate the struggles of daily life to survive as a family unit after their parents abruptly move back to Mexico.

The cable channel said, “In a new journey from the original series creators Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser, this endless story of a young family bound in adversity will be told through the lens of present-day themes and cultural dialogue.”

Emilio Acosta is an inspiring musician and also, the oldest son of Javier Acosta & Gloria. He is the reason his parents crossed the Mexican border into the United States about twenty-five years ago in hopes of a better life.

Although the oldest, he was the least responsible for the siblings and enjoyed the freedom to stay away from home and accompany him, as long as his parents’ status was not threatened.

Lucia Acosta is a straight-forward student, full of college ambitions until her parents are troubled by immigration. Their circumstances force them to reevaluate their nature to play by the rules. He quickly becomes resistant to authority, politically radical, and rebellious to his duties as the oldest sister.

Beto Acosta is the second oldest brother in the family, who steps in amid the unrest. Struggling with sports, girls, and school, he soon discovers that as the head of his family, he quickly approaches her and gives her a sense of self-respect and purpose that he has never done before Was.