Parasyte Season 2: Is It Finally Renewed Or Not?

Parasyte Season 2

When Parasyte was initially released, it become an instant hit for the audience. There were no bars of the show’s popularity that even the outside world adored the anime drama. Like every other anime series, Parasyte was also among those which get from its manga series. Written and Illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki, this series has gained quite a lot of fame in quite a time. Because of its Science Fiction and horror theme, the show was considered no less than actual artwork that attracted many people towards it. As the series entered the screen, audiences have been sticking over its Season 2? It’s been a while since the anime series released its first season, will there be Parasyte Season 2?

Parasyte Season 2

AS the show was originally released in 2014, the fans of the anime series have been still waiting to hear the renewal news. In 2021, many of the anime series have seen the sudden renewal news. And among many of the anime got unexpectedly renewed, despite their not-so-popularity, the fans of Parasyte are also hoping to see one. 

Will it happen? Will there be Parasyte Season 2? Is there any possibility for the Studio to release another chapter? I know that viewers have been filled with multiple questions and that’s why we’re here to help you out. In this article, we’ll be talking about the Parasyte Series and its possibility of another season. If you are one of the fans of this anime then this article would help you a lot. 

Parasyte Season 2: Is It Confirmed?

Parasyte Season 2

The series was initially released in 2014 and was on the run till 2015. The first season received instant praise from the fans and the appealing storyline of the series has left a positive effect. 

No wonder that after all these things, the fans of the series have been demanding another season. As it happens, the studio and the production house of the anime series have still not revealed a single word. 

It’s been almost 7 years since the show was originally premiered. There are probably fewer chances for the show to get renewed because the show was perfect with a great ending. The show was finally wrapped up. Secondly, there is no source material for the writer to begin their production. 

It’s believed that the manga series has been fully translated and used in the first season. However, what leaves the big possibility is Netflix. 

After the first season, the show gained a massive fanbase from the people. The show has a weird yet eye-capturing theme and the amazing characters are another reason why the show became famous. The dynamic storyline of the anime has been waiting to be fulfilled since the first season ends. As the series has been gaining such massive requests from the pole, does it means that there will be Shimoneta Season 2?

Parasyte Season 2: When is it going to be released?

Parasyte Season 2

During the pandemic, the world has seen a massive increase in the viewership of the series. At that time, the series had seen a rise in viewership. As it matches with the current scenario of the global pandemic, many viewers checked upon the show.

Recently, Netflix adapted the series on their Platform. It’s been quite a while since the incident actually happens and now there are speculations that it might be a sign of another season. 

Netflix has been experimenting with Japanese anime series. There is no doubt that the OTT platform has become one of the most used and viewed ones. And landing any anime series on them would definitely mean the rise of viewership of that anime. 

With that possibility, there comes another one that might be the reason for the show’s renewal. Netflix has already admitted and renewed multiple anime series and if everything goes fine, there are chances of Parasyte Season 2 to happen. 

Currently, there is no official statement regarding season 2. We are still waiting for the showrunners to reveal it. 

There is no doubt that the anime series has one of the most diverse themes and stories to watch. And the anime culture has been getting bigger day by day, with the fandom getting more people into their community. That’s the reason why Netflix is also stepping up in the game and landing some of the most popular anime series into their platform. One of them is Kuroko’s Basketball. It’s been a while since Kuroko’s Basketball has actually been released. The viewers have already seen 3 seasons of this drama and there is a sudden demand for Kuroko’s Basketball season 4.

Parasyte Season 2: What will the Plot?

Parasyte Season 2

Following the story of a teenage boy, Izumi Shinichi, who has been at an early age and living a peaceful and easy life. The story revolves around him and his common life. As the country is facing a terrible crisis, Izumi Shinichi has tried to maintain his security and remain away from all the danger. 

The story moves forward and while Izumi Shinichi was living his simple life, soon his life got completely changed. The common life of Izumi changes after the world gets hit by the outcast aliens known as Parasyte. 

Being a virus, they are completely harmless and can produce nothing, and are considered as completely safe. But as you know that the virus is known as non-living and living according to its location. 

Party can become deadly once it gets entered into the human body through a person’s eyes or ears. Soon, the virus gets into the world and everyone becomes infected except Izumi Shinichi. 

Moreover, the virus tries to get into Izumi Shinichi’s brain but Izumi’s own capabilities have stopped and resisted this in any way possible. As it happens, the virus makes a pact with the main protagonist and together they decide to fight with all the other viruses. As the show is based on science-fiction and more, it gets into the audience and everyone loves the story. 

If there will be Parasyte Season 2, it would again deal with the new virus. We have already seen the hazardous effect of the Coronavirus, maybe the anime creators would use it as a plot. 

Nothing is confirmed yet. As the officials have yet to say a word regarding this anime series and its renewal. Fans are still hoping for the series to get renewed as soon as possible. 


Parasyte Season 2 is one of the most anticipated series after the series ends on the first season. Recently, Netflix has welcomed the show on their platform and the series has significantly seen a rise in its popularity. All the people from the US and Uk have already heard about this show and as they hear about it on Netflix, they directly jump on the series to watch it. There was no doubt that the show was amazing and it was totally worth the hype. But it’s seen that getting another season of the show is quite impossible. It’s been 7 years and the only chance for the show to return is on Netflix. 

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