Paradise PD Season 3: Release Date, Cast And All Update

Paradise PD Season 3

Paradise PD‘ is an American animated sitcom created by Waco O’ Guin and Roger Black. It’s a criminal activity adult comedy sitcom setup under the backdrop of narcotics and crime.

It insures wilder topics and attracts an audience of all age groups regardless of being an animated show. Paradis PD has released two seasons on Netflix, the next one in March 2020.

Expectations From Season 3

The second season showed the audiences the backstory of this character Flitz. The flashback throws light onto the fact he was the only survivor of a catastrophe arranged by a Chicago mobster. But, after that, he retreated and took a new persona.

In the finale takedown, Paradise PD took down the Kingpin and Dobby. He killed himself by crashing the chopper to the nuke. But, the antagonist had already set up the next nuke, which successfully ruined Paradise. However, the final moments demonstrated that it wasn’t the end.

Paradise PD Season 3

So, the plot for now 3 of Paradise PD could be anything. They could demonstrate the re-establishment of the town. The following season may also bring the flashback story of different characters in the storyline.

Cast And Voice-Over Artists

The voice-over artists include:

  • Sarah Chalke as Gina Janowski,
  • David Herman as Kevin Pubesalad Crawford,
  • Tom Kenny as Chief Randall Crawford,
  • Kyle Kinane as Bullet and other artists as well.

Paradise PD Season 3: Release Date

O’Guin declared the news of season 3 on his personal Twitter account. As of this moment, Netflix hasn’t released any official release date. Because of this COVID catastrophe, production and development is at a halt currently. However, we could expect the season to release around 2021 in the summer-time. Stay tuned for more updates about season 3 of the Paradise PD series.


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