Paper Mario The Origami King How Should You Find Diamond Island In The Game?

Paper mario

This game Paper Mario The Origami King is full of hidden islands and many hidden locations as well. Now here is a guide for the players of this game to find their way into Diamond Island in the beautiful game.

Diamond Island is a very special location in the game. Paper Mario: The Origami King once against changes the formula of the Paper Mario series. From a turn-based RPG to a platformer, now to an action-adventure game.  In this game, Mario and Luigi are attending an event that is being held by Princess Peach.


Once when Mario arrives, the player will immediately realize that something is not right with the princess. She has been folded by the evil Origami King Olly, who is the main antagonist of the game. Now it is up to Mario to save the Princess and the rest of the castle from King Olly.


Step 1: The player looking for the Diamond Island need to arrive at Bonehead Island first. The Bonehead Island can be found at 5G on the map of the game. Find the giant fan on the big island to clear out all the fog for the rest of the sea.

Step 2: Now head to Full Moon Island at 3F. There the player will need to fish for the Sidestepper at the pier. Then, there use the magic circle to find the chest with Mushroom Handle.

Step 3: Now head over to Mushroom Islands which is located at F4. Then use the Mushroom Handle to open the door of the house on the island. Then go to the other side and there find Luigi. He will give Mario the Diamond Key. Then you have to go speak to the Origami Craftsmen in the basement of the house.

Step 4: You have to head to D3 and then dive underwater to find the beautiful Diamond Island. There you just have to use the Diamond Key to unlock the way in.