Ozark’s Upcoming Season: What To Expect From Season 4

Ozark Season 4: Updates, The fans of the show Ozark were left stunned in the very final moments of their third season when they saw the wicked lawyer Helen Pierce finally met her demise. Then, however, could actor Janet McTeer become prepared for a shock return in the upcoming future of the Netflix show?

This show is no stranger to catching viewers off-guard by killing off some of its biggest and important characters during the third season run on the online streaming platform. From the cartel Honcho to Ben Davis, the fans of the show have bid farewell to some of their best loved-figures. And then while Helen Pierce may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, she then still proved an integral part of the major plot, making her death at the hands of Nelson, this was even more shocking.


Then under the illusion she also managed to scam the Byrde’s out of the Navarro Cartel’s business, she was actually off-guard when her actual fate was sealed. Marty and Wendy Byrde both are married accompanied her to Mexico to meet the cartel boss Omar Navarro and in Helen’s mind, it was for the two to be taken out the picture.


Then the tables quickly turned when it all transpired then Omar appeared to know about Helen’s shady was as he had Nelson kill her in front of the Byrde’s family, cementing the husband and wife money-laundering duo as two of his most highly valuable assets.

And while this ll is more of a comprehensive end to Helen’s plot arc, the lead star of the show Bateman and the show-runner Chris Mundy have hinted the fans of the show that they still have not seen the last part of Helen.  So, in some way or the other, it also proves that Helen might come back in a mysterious way in the upcoming season of the show.

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