Ozark unravel it’s antagonist, Omar Navarro!

Ozark Season 3 has surfaced the streaming platform, Netflix. The drug cartel in the show, i.e. Omar Navarro is a shadowy character. For the two-season, the character was in the background only as his communicator was Helen.

But after the death of Helen, the character must come out of the shadow. Even the fans are now curious to know more about the antagonist.


Ozark Antagonist, Omar Navarro!

antagonist, Omar Navarro

Till now the antagonist regulated the Byrde family through Helen but now his face is revealed. Finally Omar communicates to Marty and Wendy Byrde. There are scenes of Omar torturing Marty and interacting to Wendy. Wendy’s interaction with Omar will be fascinating to watch.

Further, the series will be more interesting to watch as Omar now interacts by himself to the Byrde family without any middleman.

Who plays the character of Omar Navarro?


Well, the character is player played by American actor, director and producer Felix Solis. He fell in love with acting at such an early age. Later, he went to Marymount Manhattan College for BFA in Theatre Arts. The US actor also had roles in movies like The Forgotten, Arbitrage, Man On a Ledge and My Soul To Take.

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  1. […] The Ozark has foreshadowed so many more things earlier. In one of the scenes, we can see Wendy telling Marty that she used to break into homes and leave clues to mark her presence. In the season 3 premiere, Wendy lived her old days once again when she went to Borders old home in Chicago. […]

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