Ozark Season 3 You will witness new Characters in the Upcoming Season


If you are a lover of thrill, you must have watched Ozark. A money-laundering leads a family to leave Chicago and to land in Ozarks. The family is the Byrde family and the whole show revolves around the members.

But this shift from one place to another also doesn’t bring happiness in their family. The new world in which they entered came with many more difficulties. The story of this family bounded everyone in their first two seasons.


Streaming on Netflix the series has a worldwide fan following.

And now this heart giving the audience is waiting for the next release of the string. So, yes there will be the third season of the show.

And with this renewal, there is also suspense on the cast which is expected to make its return this season. So, here we have every single detail about the cast members of the show.

Ozark Season 3: Renewal of the show

As we already mentioned that the show will be back with its third release. The release date of Ozark Season 3 is confirmed.

It will be available on our binge list on the 27th of March in 2020 with as usual 10 Episodes in total.

Previous to it, Season 1 of it was released on the 21st of July in 2017. In total it had 10 Episodes. Then after one year on the 31st of August in 2018, we got Season 2 of Ozark. 

Following the sequence, the second season also came in with 10 Episodes in total.

Which characters will be making their way back to the third season?

Madison Thompson might be joining the cast as Erin, Tom Pelphrey, and Jessica Frances Dukes, from Iron Fist and Jessica Jones respectively will join the cast as series regulars. 

Among them, Madison Thompson will be the new entrant this season. She has proved her acting skills many times.

From Joseph Sikora, Felix Solis, Janet McTeer to Lisa Emery have said to return for the new season too.

We may witness some of the new characters in the show as they add meaning to it. The way these characters are crafted is the writer’s prerogative. 

And believe me, it will be very exciting to see the portrayal of these characters as some of them are just supporting actors but their presence is very important.

And now time for the surprise!

This season we will have one of the most prominent actors of the Marvel world. He is none other than Tom Pelphrey, one who has been in the Iron Fist and Jessica Frances Dukes.

I am telling you, the involvement of these new characters will add a new charm to the show. To get scoops like this, stay tuned with us.