Ozark Season 3 Will Release Soon on Netflix, Here’s Every Update Fans Must know


Ozark is a visual treat for family drama lovers. The basic story revolves around the Byrde Family. Marty Byrne a financial planner relocates his family to Chicago. 

After getting himself in money -laundering scheme which goes wrong, he must pay the huge substantial debt to a drug dealer. 


As the Byrde’s fate hanging in balance, the situations force the fractured family to reconnect

Will there be a Season 3?

As expected the fans were a lot excited to hear the news from the showrunner, Jason Bateman as he posted a picture on Twitter which shows the number 3. 

This clearly shows that there are three installments of this season. 

The fans need not worry about the seasons to end because there is a lot in store for the fans, as the showrunner in an interview told that they have planned till season 5 as of now. 

So there is no point in discussing the end of this season for the fans as of now.

What’s in store for the fans in season 3 :

If recalled well in season 2 we can see that Marty and his beloved family are trapped in a criminal enterprise. 

So there is a lot for the fans to dig into the next upcoming seasons of Ozark. We can even see that Wendy tries all ways to get profit in all possible ways. 

Coming to tweet by the showrunner Jason Bateman, he wrote that he was happy for him, but worried for Marty. 

So definitely there such unexpected bad things for Marty that are going to happen in the upcoming season of Ozark.

The plot of Season 3 :

As per external sources, it is clear that in this season Marty and Wendy are going to have their tough time as per the deals with the external forces and the dynamic of power.

New Crew in action.

With Season 3 of Ozark hitting on cards, all are filled with excitement to know the new actors and actresses who are going to join the team.

Firstly Tom Palrey of Iron Fist is a new additive to Byrde’s family as Ben, the brother of Wendy. 

Jessica Jones is going to join the team as Maya Miller and Jessica Frances Duk is acting as an FBI agent.

Release Date of Season 3 :

With everything clear that there is a Season 3, fans are left out with only one question. That is its release date. The official date is out now. 

The season 3 of Ozark is going to return on March 27 of 2020. As of now neither the teaser nor release date announcement has not come. 

But it is for sure that there are 10 episodes to be telecasted. So fans must wait for only two months to watch their favorite show rolling out.