Ozark Season 3 Explained Why was Ruth Langmore tortured by Helen Pierce in season 2?

Ozark Season 3

OZARK has taken Netflix by storm after season 3 recently landed as it is the Emmy-winning crime series. 

Some of the viewers are watching the series for the first time now after the launch of season 3 and have questions about the show, including why Helen Pierce tortured Ruth Langmore in season 2.


The online video streaming platform Netflix dropped Ozark’s third season earlier this year with the show proving a hit with viewers across the world. 

The show made its debut on Netflix back in 2017 and followed the Byrde family, who were forced to flee to deepest, darkest Missouri after landing themselves in trouble with a Mexican drug cartel.

Many viewers eagerly following each step the Byrde family has taken into the criminal underworld which indicates that the series has snowballed in success.

Why was Ruth Langmore tortured by Helen Pierce in season 2?

Ozark Season 3

Marty (played by Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) launched the riverboat casino instead of fleeing to the Gold Coast of Australia committing to a life of crime in season 2.

Cartel attorney Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), who was pulling the strings on behalf of her client was introduced in the second outing.

Ruth was taken into a trailer and tortured by Helen and members of the cartel which has been the most shocking moments of Ozark.

After Helen tried to figure out whether Ruth had passed on information to FBI Agent Roy Petty (Jason Butler Harner) and if she’d stolen from the cartel the teenager was tortured. 

After Marty hesitated when he was questioned by the cartel with the Chicago financier failing to come to her aid at the critical moment Ruth fell under suspicion. 

By the torture, Ruth was left traumatized as she was having a shower. Ozark season 1 to 3 is now streaming on the online video streaming platform Netflix.