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Ozark Returns With Season 3 And Opens Doors For Another Season

Ozark is an American Crime Drama series which began on the 1st of July 2017. This show currently has two seasons. Jason Bateman, who plays the lead is portraying the role of a financial planner, and Laura Linny plays his wife and is a public relations consultant and this family moves to Ozark from Chicago. After they move there, the show covers their adventure filled with them ending up in local crimes.

Ozark Season 3

Jason Bateman delivered the news of the return of the show with the installation of a new season. The highly anticipated season 3 is reported to have 10 episodes in the season. However, the release date of the season has not been confirmed by the franchise. Some of the Marvel cast like Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Frances Dukes from Iron Fist and Jessica Jones are revealed to be fee stars from the cast of the anticipated season as regular Characters. It is also speculated that Joseph Sikora and Felix Solis would be featured in the season as well. Apart from this cast, The entire Byrde family is expected to be seen, including Jason Bateman and Laura Linney.

Regarding the plot of the season, Chris Mandy in an interview with Hollywood Reporter in August teased about the plot. He said that the audience would be able to see Ruth Langmore trying to get close to Byrdes, hence pulling Marty into the path of darkness. Mundy also mentions that the show would start from Marty and Wendy struggling with their power and “dealing with outside force” and that Wendy’s brother who is supposed to have a mental illness is going to make an appearance in this season.

He sounds hopeful about this season, and if everything falls in line, this show might have five seasons. According to sources, this topic has been discussed, and the cast is ready for seasons to continue. Though the ending of season 3 has not been inked and the cast does not know about the ending, There is always hope that Netflix gives them a chance to put the series to a good and meaningful end.



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