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Overlord Season 4: All the information about the new season is right here

The Overlord is basically a mild novel series. Later the novel was adopted as the anime series. Well if we look upon the  history of anime series, they have proved their prominence in the entertainment world. The anime have never disappointed their fans. In fact, they have much more big fan base than the TV series in countries like Japan. The popularity is now spreading it’s wings over the whole world.

This series, Overlord recently ended it’s season 3 with some amazing cliffhangers. Now, this made the fans to speculate about the season 4 of the series. Here, we are providing you with all the information about the new season i.e. season 4 of the series.


Renewal updates of the season 4

Well, the series doesn’t really need any renewal update or confirmation. It’s cliffhangers and such amazing plot already signifies the arrival of a new season soon. The series Overlord was already renewed in the late 2019 and soon we will get our season 4 of the series.

The release date of Overlord season 4

There are no announcements and reports about the season 4 of the series. While considering the present situation we can’t say much about the confirm dates for the arrival of the new upcoming season. The current situation of corona virus has put the whole world on pause and our series is no different. We could only assume for the series to come up soon on our screens. We can expect the arrival of the new season 4 of the series by the year 2021.

Cast of the new season

All the previous cast are reprising for their role in the series. There are no information about the fresh cast of the series till now. So for now, the cast members of the series includes Chris Guerrero, Elizabeth Maxwell, Satoshi Hino, Yumi Hara, Masayuki Kato, Sumire Uesaka, Manami Numakura.

Trailer of the season 4

The production for the series is not yet completed. So, there are no trailer or teaser of the series out yet. We will keep you updated about the new season of the series.

Expected plot of the upcoming season of the series

Well, the plot of the series in the new season is not much clear. But fan theories are that Aiinz can come up as some major antagonist in the series. The next season will bring up a lot more to the audience. But, till now all we could do is wait patiently for the best to come.

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