Outlander Season 6: Some Theories Of Frank Randall’s Return


Outlander Season 6: Updates, The fans of this very famous show were left stunned when one of the characters Frank Randall was tragically killed in a car accident in the third season after finding out that Jamie Fraser had survived the Battle Of Culloden and also had told wife Claire that he was leaving her.

Frank Randall the character is played by Tobias Menzies was Claire’s husband in the 20th Century but then the actor also starred as Frank’s ancestor Captain Jack Randall in the 18th Century Scotland in the show. While Captain Jack was then killed on the field in the Battle Of Culloden, there Frank did not die until the third season of Outlander and this then had quite an impact on both Claire and daughter Brianna Fraser.

Season 6: Some Theories Of Frank Randall’s Return

Outlander Season 6 Some Theories Of Frank Randall’s Return

The fans of the series know that actor Tobias went on to star as Prince Phillip in the Netflix series The Crown but then with his run on the show coming to an end, could Frank now make a return to Outlander.

It is definitely possible, Frank was seen lying dead on a slab in a mortuary but this is Outlander and there is magic as always, some things have happened like Geillis Duncan returning from the dead. We are hoping that with some good magic we might see the return of Frank Randall in the upcoming sixth season of the show.

So it is very much possible for Frank to make a return or even it could be a cameo in a flashback about Claire and Brianna’s time in the 20th Century era. There is also some possibility that if Brianna and Roger return in the coming future, then they could end up in the time where Frank is still alive and they could have an important role to play there. Speaking about the possibility of returning Outlander after his exit in 2017, the actor Tobias did not rule it all out.


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