Outer Banks Season 2: Expceted Release Date, The Story and Plot Detail and Cast Information

Outer Banks Season 2 - Every Details

Outer Banks has been a hit Netflix for Season 2, with people stuck in their homes throughout the globe appreciating the escapism of watching the teens searching for treasure in a choice of picturesque outdoor locations. However, Netflix has not renewed the show for Season 2, as the streamer will examine a month’s worth of viewing data before making a decision on any show’ future.


This doesn’t imply, however, the stars and showrunners of all Outer Banks haven’t begun planning out Season two, or started thinking about what they want their characters to confront in future episodes. In interviews given since the series launched on Netflix, the Outer Banks team have shown the following:

Outer Banks Season 2 is currently being written


Speaking to USA Today, showrunner Jonas Pate has revealed that he is in the process of composing Season 2, and that he and collaborators Josh Pate and Shannon Burke picture the series as what the website called a”four-season novel.”

Speaking about writing during the coronavirus outbreak, Pate joked: “It ends up being quarantined and composing are practically the same.”

Season 2 will start from The Bahamas…


Following the finale of Outer Banks Season 1 watched John B. (played with Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) to a ship on the way to Nassau, Pate revealed that Season 2 when it’s green-lit will start on the Caribbean island.

Pate told The Wrap, “It is definitely looking like The Bahamas at the beginning of Season 2, that that’s where we are gonna go.”

Speaking of the ending of Season 1, he added: “Yeah, I would say it’s probably not a fictitious promise. It’s not a misdirect or something. But we’ll just see where it belongs.” He included to USA Today:”There would be a couple episodes which happen, at least partially, in the Bahamas, it evolves into a larger puzzle. Our villains are kept by us and a few new ones are added by us. But it always comes back to the Outer Banks.”

Central to these episodes,” Pate added, would be how John B. and Sarah survive in this new nation. He explained: “For John B and Sarah, this can be really fought or flight. We do not have anything except a chunk of stone on us. How can we handle our own lives?”

. . .But won’t forget about the figures


While the series will accompany Sarah and John B. into The Bahamas, that does not mean the show will not return to OBX. Pate told The Wrap: “We’re gonna follow each of those stories for Kaira [Madison Bailey], JJ [Rudy Pankow] and Pope [Jonathan Daviss] and keep developing them for certain. And the puzzle element is something we wish to expand and we have several ideas about how that could occur.”

The cast’s Prediction for Season 2 of Outer Banks

Outer Banks Season 2 every details
Discussing what he expects The Pogues left in North Carolina expertise in Outer Banks Season 2, Pankow told HollywoodLife, “The Pogues are so tight in season, and I’d love to see them get crushed by what happened with John B. and really struggle with finding the Pogues’ bond again and that closeness”

Stokes, meanwhile, stated to Entertainment Tonight of John B.’s predicament following the finale”When we expose ourselves to this captain [on the Nassau ship ], all of a sudden there is a bounty on my mind.

“Anyone who wants cash is gonna consider this like,’Uh huh, both of these children are kind of sweet but a little bit of extra cash sounds a bit better than having two children on my ship.’

“The fact of the bets [are] staying alive and staying innocent until John B. finds a way to prove himself innocent in this whole thing… he’s got to stay anonymous until he receives some kind of resolution.”

Outer Banks Season 2 release date

Outer Banks Season 2 Plot

With no renewal confirmed yet, don’t have any idea of a manufacturing program — and given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems probable that we are going to have to wait some time for filming to begin even if a next period is commissioned.

So it seems we might need to wait sometime before we find episodes — but as ever we will keep you updated as and once we hear news that is more concrete.

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