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OSRS Quests With The Most Experience


Old School Runescape has many quests for players to complete during their time in the game. Some of these quests are designed with storytelling and immersion in mind, while others simply provide a fun experience that will have some small impact on your XP gain. Today we’ll be focusing on those that can provide you with the most experience so you can level up your OSRS skills fast.

OSRS Quests With The Most Experience


These types of quest can also come in handy when starting; because not only do they offer great rewards but don’t require as much pre-existing knowledge about Runescape’s story arcs before playing it through. These usually involve killing monsters like giants or dragons who yield high amounts of XP per kill (some may even drop valuable items). Make sure you stock up on valuable OSRS gold before proceeding to do these quests.

Best F2P OSRS Quests To Gain The Most Experience

Non-member players often have difficulty finding good quests with generous rewards available. However, there are a few easy cooking quests for non-members that offer some of the best experience points in-game. Cook’s Assistant is one of the first recommended and rewarding tasks on any new account to cook; it offers 300 Cooking XP. But even if you don’t want to do Cook’s Assistant right away, or ever at all–don’t worry! There are five other great choices out there just waiting for somebody like you:

Misthalin Mystery

You are invited to solve the mystery that Abigail and Hewey asked you. Go around the murder house, explore rooms, find answers on clues in each of them, and be awarded 600 Crafting XP as well as uncut sapphire, ruby, and emerald. You will also get 1 Quest Point for solving this fun beginner-friendly OSRS quest.

Imp Catcher

If you’re looking for a fast way to level up your Magic, this is the quest that will do it. To complete the Quest, Wizard Mizgog needs help in retrieving 4 different-colored beads from imps who are currently holding them hostage. Upon completing his mission and passing on some helpful advice; he grants 1 Quest point, 875 experience points, plus the amulet of accuracy.

OSRS Quests With The Most Experience

Restless Ghost

So you’re a brave one. Ready to tackle the restless ghost in this quest? You’ll need some good gear because it’s not going to be easy, but if you complete that task and return with his head he will reward your bravery. After retrieving the head of the ghost, you will receive 1125 Prayer experience, 1 Quest point, and the Ghostspeak amulet.

Doric’s Quest

Doric the dwarf, who lives in a small house north of Falador, asks you to get some materials from his mine. This quest will lead you on a mission to explore the Dwarven Mines and earn Mining XP, coins, and quest points in exchange. You will receive 1300 Mining XP and 1 Quest point as well as 180 coins for your troubles.

Knight’s Sword

If you’re looking for a challenge, but don’t want to spend hours mining or fighting, this is the quest for you! Not only will it take around 5-10 minutes of your day and earn some decent Smithing XP (you can go from level 0 to 29!), but there are other rewards as well. As long as you help Sir Yvin make his new Blurite sword in the process, you will receive 12725 Smithing XP, 1 Quest point, and the ability to make your own Blurite sword by smelting the Blurite ore.

Best P2P OSRS Quests To Gain The Most Experience

If you are a RuneScape member, of course, there are tons to do. But if we’re talking about quests that can be completed easily without much pre-planning then these should definitely be on your radar.

Plague City

One of the more adventurous quests that send you to the west of Ardougne. For this quest, gather items and find Elena who is trapped in a cave. After rescuing her, you will receive the Ardougne teleport spell, 1 Quest point, and of course, 2425 Mining experience.

Dwarf Cannon

For those who want to level up Crafting fast, you should focus on going to Captain Lawgof. After speaking with the Captain, you should find the son of the deceased Gilob, Lollk. The mission here is to help Captain Lawgof fix his multicannons. Once completed, this quest will give you 750 Crafting XP, 1 Quest point, and the ability to use the Dwarf multicannon.

Death Plateau

In this OSRS quest, you will need to go to Burthorpe and speak with Denulth and tell him that you’ve found a different path going to the Death Plateau. The mission here is for you to try out this path first on your own. If you complete the path, you will receive 3000 Attack experience, 1 Quest point, and steel claws.


Biohazard requires you to finish the Plague City quest, which is one of the easiest quests in OSRS. Now, the girl you rescued before, Elena, will try her samples and she will find the results very interesting. Your task here is to complete the quest and work with Elena, once you do so, you will be granted the ability to travel past the Ardougne gate, and get 1250 Thieving XP, and 3 Quest points.





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