Oscars 2020: actor Joaquin Phoenix won the best Lead Actor award for his role in Joker


The 2020 Oscars are in full swing, and actor Joaquin Phoenix simply won the Best Lead Actor award for his role in Joker, and lovers on social media have some thoughts about it.

Phoenix once more gave a memorable address along with his win, even sharing a lyric his brother River Phoenix wrote in a psychological close. The rest of the speech was a joke, focusing on our treatment of the wildlife and the world which co-exists with humanity and a number of our most cruel actions.

It did get a lot of people talking, with compliments and confusion. Praise that was luckily won out despite a few of the peculiar language options.

“Thank you [Joaquin Phoenix] for using your [Oscars] spotlight to speak up for animal rights,” one fan wrote.

“This was a beautiful moment, and I loved how vulnerable and raw Joaquin Phoenix was in his acceptance address. More of this cannot be a bad thing in this cynical world,” another added.

Contrary to the address he gave, Phoenix’s character was much different than his actual life heart and view. Joker tells the back-story of one of pop culture’s all-time most infamous and many notable villains, the Clown Prince of Crime, and Batman arch-nemesis, Joker. In the film, Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a man suffering from psychological and emotional instability, who simply wants to make the world laugh.

Fleck feels pushed into his breaking point, and hotels to violent outbursts he perceives as the effect of the bullying.

Ahead of his Oscar nomination, Phoenix talked with USA Today about the character and revealed his portrayal of the character was made to evolve throughout filming the film.

“When we had been prepping for it, I felt very frustrated because I couldn’t lock on anything that felt like a foundation for the personality,” he explained. “And at any stage, I realized that was the f–ing point. He had been unstable.

“It is shaky ground as a celebrity. I like not knowing what a character may perform, but you want to have like a couple of moments that you feel solid about. And that never really happened.” Phoenix added. “We just became comfortable with not understanding.”

Going on to refer to the iconic shirtless ballet-esque dancing scene from the film, Phoenix explained, “It is the emergence of Joker. It is that element of Arthur that’s coming into the forefront”

Then he went on to remember, “I remember the next day saying,’ What the f– did we do yesterday? Is?’ And Todd stated,’I don’t know, right? It’s like an interpretive dance in a Joker movie.'”

Phoenix won the Best Lead Actor in a Drama Film the award in the 2020 Golden Globes. Joker is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD, in addition to available to purchase from online streaming services.


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