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One woman infected 5000 people, corona spread across the country

Coronavirus has caused havoc all over the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus infection an international epidemic. Till now thousands of people have died due to this disease. People are also coming forward to stop the spread of this dangerous disease. At the same time, due to the negligence of some people, this disease is increasing. One such case has come up in South Korea. Thousands of people were hit by the coronavirus due to a girl here.

South Korean scientists investigating the coronavirus have found how thousands of people have become infected with the coronavirus in their country due to the negligence of a woman.

An infected woman went to Shenchenji Church in South Korea for morning prayers. Then there were about 1,200 people caught in the coronavirus. After this, the woman reached the hospital after a minor accident on 6 February. While the woman was found to have a mild fever, she was ignored. After this 119 people were caught in the same hospital.

This case did not stop here. On February 14, valentine’s day, this lady went to eat at Queen’s Vail Hotel. Here too many people are vulnerable to infection. By doing this, the virus spread all over South Korea and no one could be found out.

The woman who had corona infection in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. In time, the infection could not be identified in this woman, due to which she wandered among the common people. During this time, corona infection has spread among 5000 women of this woman. Not only this, but many people infected due to their contact have also lost their lives.

When the infected woman was admitted to the hospital, its bed number was 31, then due to patient number 31, the infection spread to so many people and many people died. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has filed a non-willful murder complaint against it. Therefore, people are being advised to stay in their homes the most. So that this infection can be stopped.



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