The movie Batman Vs Superman was critically reviled and also commercially underwhelming, but one simple change may have worked in the movie’s favor.

The movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice had a laundry list of problems that held it back, but there is one simple change that could have also made the overall movie better. The movie was a follow-up to Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel and it was also meant to be the installment that would launch Warner Bros. budding DC Extended Universe, with the Suicide Squad following shortly afterward.


The movie Batman Vs Superman stars Ben Affleck as a grizzled and the brutal version of Batman, hunting down Superman for the threat he also poses for humanity, then while Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor manipulates the both of them behind the scenes.

But on the other hand, Batman V Superman never took off the way that the studio had expected, and instead, it received a mixed-to-negative reaction upon the release. Critics and the audiences heavily criticized the movie for their half-baked screenplay, the inconsistent character writing, and their overly self-serious and also melodramatic tone.

Despite the movie breaking the records in their first weekend, the movie also experienced an unprecedented second-week drop at their box office collection and it never recovered, the movie made 873 million dollars collection out of their 1 billion dollars which were expected to gross at the box office collection.

While the movie Batman v Superman has a lot of fundamental storytelling problems that are baked into their screenplay, there is one issue that could have helped the whole movie and specifically, helped deepen between the two heroes. Ben Affleck’s Batman is a killer and Batman V Superman does not exactly attempt to reckon with that in a logical and also in a meaningful way. Had this movie or this version of Batman not killed anyone else in the movie, but it was also aiming to make Superman his first, it also would have greatly impacted several elements of the story.