One Person Playing Both Guns in Time Crisis 2 Is Wild to Watch


For some gamers, it is not enough to finish just one game: they have to master it and come up with their own challenges. For some, this may mean that Halo 3 is hard to beat by using a Guitar Hero Controller, or specifically Vulu by completing a Pokémon sword and shield.

Others still like to round up their achievements in the arcade, preferring record-holders such as Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. Over the weekend, one player did exactly that when he completed Time Crisis II in an arcade and used a one-player and two-player gun with only one quarter for each.


It’s very impressive to watch, and @andykhouri has more videos in a series of follow up tweets. It is very clear that the anonymous player has a lot of experience with the game! He was also likely to be this good for some time.

Released in 1997, Namco’s Time Crisis II Orchid remains a regular staple, thanks to its strong gunplay and pleasant cooperative mode, which were not included in previous games in the series. In 2001, the game was placed on the PlayStation 2.

One thing that’s great about the video is why the esports movement hasn’t happened in years: it encapsulates: it’s really fun to see players in their element, things that others may not There is no wrong way to play video games.

Some enjoy finishing the main game and then moving on to the next one. Others really like winning the game, finding every conceivable shortcut and side mission, and they can do it very well.

In a time where more games are available than ever before, there is something to be said for those who are still taking the time to actually get the most pleasure from the games they love.