One Of Superman’s Oldest Powers Is Also His Strength, Seriously !!


Superman is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful DC heroes. Armed with super-strength, flight, heat vision, cold breath, super-speed, and X-ray vision, with his many powers, Superman is a capability for practically every situation. However, one of his strengths that were not linked to his comics is perhaps his oddity: his ability to punch a powerful Mini Superman with his fingers.

In the late 50s, Superman was an enormously famous Cartoon character but his powers were still evolutive. He did not have the determined powers of the current modern Superman and was constantly being manipulated. Man of Steel was teased as a new force in Superman # 125 and it is astonishing that the ability does not persist in modern times or is remembered as one of Superman’s quietest powers.



In the short story “New Story of Superman” in Superman # 125 by Jerry Coleman, Stan KA, Al Plastino and Kurt Scheffenberger, the last son of Krypton loses his powers after being detonated near an alien spaceship.
When he loses his Superstream, Superman gains the ability to shoot Rainbow with his fingers, creating a mini replica version of himself to shoot with his hands. Little Superman gained all his old powers. Seems strange.

Mini Superman assumes the responsibilities of his elder hero, takes down the bad guys and saves the day. But, Superman’s enemies gain kryptonite after a meteor shower and fall into the metropolis. They use a trebuchet to launch a ball of kryptonite into Superman. The ball arrives close to Superman before Mini Superman appears and distances Kryptonite from its larger counterpart.

Unfortunately, the ball proves fatal. Mini-Superman removes the object from the path before drifting into oblivion, sacrificing himself to save Superman. Strangely, when the mini-Superman disappears, the original Superman regains his powers. Superman has many great comics, but this particular story is at least inspired to tell. Killing Superman with his powers is a big thing, but transferring him to Mini-Superman with his fingers is nonsense.

It just happens and is accepted. Does Mini-Superman have his consciousness? Where is Superman when he’s inside? How did an alien spaceship blow up one of the most powerful creatures in the universe with its powers and transfer them to a mini version of themselves? You shouldn’t think too hard about it.

Mini-Superman was a bizarre creative decision from Get-Go. How strange it is for Superman to be powerless and rely on a mini version of himself, it’s hard to figure out how to make it to the page. But we are glad that it happened. Mini Superman is a strange footnote on one of the most iconic superheroes.