One Big Complaint About Black Widow Movie Villian Taskmaster


The Marvel’s Black Widow’s trailer offers a 1st take at Taskmaster, the movie’s villain, who’s costume has been discernibly transformed from its comic.

Cate Shortland being the director, Black Widow, is going to be the 1st motion picture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s up and coming Phase 4. While Taskmaster is unquestionably one of the fascinating components of Black Widow, it’s hard not to be somewhat disappointed by this first take a gander at him.


Taskmaster has a particular look in the comics: a long, surging hooded cape and a skull mask under the hood. He’s ordinarily delineated as using a sword and shield likewise conveying a bow and arrow, a whip along with some other arranged weapons. Employing a variety of weapons is somewhat his thing.


Taskmaster( Tony Masters being his real name) infused a super-serum in himself enabling him to replicate battling moves and different abilities essentially by watching them, making him a handyman – from swordplay to marksmanship to the martial arts.

The trailer for Black Widow demonstrated Taskmaster utilizing his bow and bolt, which shows that he may well have gone facing Hawkeye before – maybe during the scandalous Budapest mission. Taskmaster does, at any rate, have a hood, regardless of whether it’s down when we see him in the trailer. He can be spotted with his hood up in the concept art of Black Widow.

In any case, there’s no cape. Even the skull components of his cover have been vigorously belittled. That makes it look progressively like an ordinary helmet with a skull theme. Twitter fans have communicated dissatisfaction with the look.

But, as it’s still the early days for Black Widow, hence there hope to see Taskmaster will demonstrate that his on-screen look is similarly as cool and acceptable as those in the comics.