On US 87 in Bexar County, TX, a Motorcycle Rider Is Injured in an 18-Wheeler Accident


A motorcyclist who was traveling on I- 10 at a very high rate and speed last control and collided with another vehicle henceforth being thrown off the bike.

The motorcyclist has been reported to be 26 years old.


The motorcycle came under an 18th Wheeler during the crash.

This accident also led to a big fire caught under the rig.

According to SADP both the 18 car 18 Wheeler driver and the passengers only had minor injuries they were taken to a near hospital.

The motorcyclist was also taken care of, and taken to the hospital with not so bad injuries.

The police have reported that as the 18 Wheeler was also traveling on the highway, It lost control and ran over the motorcycle stumbled over the motorbike, and it caught fire.

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It also said that no charges regarding the crash are to be expected as of now.