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On My Block Season 4: Release Date, Cast, [Plot] And Other Detail

On My Block Season 4: Release Date, Cast, [Plot] And Other Detail, On My Block is a teenage television show dealing with all the post-puberty affairs teenagers have to deal with. It has drama, feelings, and making it an overall manner is a task. And this series is doing an admirable job.

The Spanish hilarious drama revolves around the story of four children trying hard to live and get in L.A.’s unacceptable neighborhood. They need to face the gangs there.

On My Block Season 4: Release Date


Season 4 is expected by fans in 2021 looking at the continuity of the launch dates.

On My Block Season 1 breaths of air on Netflix on 16th March 2018. Season 2 and season 3 releases on 29th March 2019 and 11th March 2020, respectively. There is no official information on the release date of Season 4. Nonetheless, having the releasing dates of the seasons, we can anticipate another season of the show in March 2021. As it is a common practice of On My Block to launch new seasons in March of every year.

On My Block Season 4: Cast

We can expect the following previous cast to make a come back in the upcoming season:

Sierra Capri playing as Monse Finnie

Jason Genao as Ruby Martinez

Brett Gray as Jamal Turner

Diego as Tinoco as Cesar Diaz

Jessica Marie Gracia as Jasmine

Peggy Blow as Ruby’s Abuela

Julio Macias as Oscar “Spooky” Diaz

Paula Garces as Geny Martinez

On My Block Season 4: What Is The Show About?


Epic plays all comparative to school eves, and the remainder and the separate experiences in the process associated. With reciprocal disputes, mirage cases, all adoration, and understandings the series has served the Combination of life!

The series comprises of 3 seasons and last season airs in 2020. It came forth to vitalize and the publicity unravels the viewpoints. Season 4 has the kidnapping of the key characters. And we discover them in woods searching for something that can change their companionship and future.

On My Block Season 4: Plot


The series will begin from where it has ended. However, a two years break will possibly affect the relationship between the characters. So it will be continuing by season 4. Season 3 ends with the kidnapping of Monse, Cesar, Ruben, and Jamal. These four companions have observed many ups and downs from the beginning of the year. The next season will show up with more friends, more drama, love, twists, and turns in the story.



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