Olympia Kyklos: When Will We Get to See the Stop-motion Short Series Again?

Extra Olympia Kyklos or Olympia Kyklos first season was a little distinct from other anime episodes, and it gave fans a new vibe.

Mari Yamazaki‘s Olympia Kyklos is indeed a Japanese comedic manga series. Since March 2018, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Grand Jump and compiled in six tankōbon volumes.

The show, which is based on Mari Yamazaki’s comic manga series Olympia Kyklos, stands apart from the swarm of anime thanks to the use of the stop motion and claymation. Despite the fact that the episode’s tone is more ludicrous, it nevertheless manages to include a few morsels of ancient Greek society.

The anime was a one-of-a-kind claymation comedy, and now its admirers want to see more of it, which has led to speculation regarding season 2, so here is all the information we know.

Olympia Kyklos: Will There Be Season 2 of the Comedy Series?

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On February 10, 2020, the 11th issue of Weekly Shōnen  Jump magazine announced an anime tv series adaptation. Bessatsu Olympia Kyklos is a clay-animated mini-series directed by Ryō Fujii, with a series composition handled by Fujii, Atsushi Tsuboi, and Takeshi Takemura. It was broadcasted on Tokyo MX from April 20 to November 2, 2020.

Crunchyroll has obtained a streaming license for the anime. Due to the continued COVID-19 epidemic, it was stated on May 4, 2020, that after episode 5 as well as subsequent episodes will be delayed. Though It got back on June 22, 2020.

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The majority of the content in the production studio has already been consumed. As a result, it is quite doubtful that the producers will approve Olympia Kyklos Season 2 at this time. This show’s prospects of returning are slim.

However, if the producers end up giving this show another go, production might take about two years. As a result, Extra Olympia Kyklos’s second season will be released in the second half of 2023.

Olympia Kyklos:  What Will Be the Plot for the New Season?

olympia kyklos plot

Olympia Kyklos travels through time between ancient Greece to the present. It opens by presenting the history of Demetrius, a Greek painter who painted images of everyday life and sports, as well as myths and stories, on amphorae. Considering his preference for sports and dislike for contests, he was selected to represent his community in a contest that would determine his people’s fate.

He hides inside a clay pot, which would be struck by lightning, terrified and anxious. Demetrius is uninjured, but when he emerges from the pot, he discovers that he has been launched into the heart of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He did, in fact, end up in Tokyo in 1964! Demetrios, on the other hand, has no notion of what Japan is.

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If the new season will be produced, the story will continue with Demetrius’s adventures or a would-be sequel. Still, we have no information about the storyline of the anime.

Was the First Season Worth a Watch?

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This thing is for sure, this series may not be for everyone, and each person has a differing viewpoint about it. Several fans even claimed that the series’ comic components are solely suited for Japanese people to grasp. Because the episodes are barely five minutes long, the tale has not much time to evolve. But it’s still enjoyable. The anime’s art was excellent, and the claymation element surprised audiences with Demetrius’ extraordinary and unexpected adventures.

Demetrius dozing while swimming with a dolphin, which alludes to the dolphin’s hallowed status in Greek mythology. Demetrius’ natural athleticism attracts the attention of the town mayor, who devises a plot to profit from it.

After directing four slaves over, he summons Demetrius and expresses his exhaustion. The mayor then gives a simple command to his servant, which is followed by a humorous and incredibly brief pseudo-educational part.

Further significantly, the mayor encourages Demetrius to compete in the Olympics in order for him to gain honor and glory due to Greek males. Demetrius, on the other hand, claims that the Olympics are terrifying, forcing the mayor to mock him.

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Demetrius returns home, grieving, and spends his days happily painting exquisite images on ancient Greek pottery.

The mayor reappears, accompanied by a dolphin, and tries to persuade Demetrius to compete at the Top-level once more. He refuses, claiming that if he loses, pebbles would be launched at him and that only monsters fight until they’re bloodied.

This indicates the beginning Olympic games, which were notoriously violent leading to a shortage of rules and enforcement. Meanwhile, the mayor waxes lyrical about the importance of honor, which was historically used to determine one’s social value in ancient Greece.

Although there is a completely drawn-out story arc with the humor, this is largely a comedy instead of a good drama, and the mix is a lot of fun to watch. The brief segments are visually appealing and very well to be enjoyable, with the funniest episodes being very amusing.

The animation and background storytelling, especially in 1964 Tokyo, are enjoyable and well-crafted, and while not a replacement for a book or class, there is some educational value if you really can overlook the time travel and self-aware land dolphins that the story weaves together elements of Greek and Japanese history.


Unfortunately, there is no announcement regarding Season 2 of Olympia Kyklos. However, as we wait for the new season to come let’s enjoy the trailer of Season 1 of the comedy series that show the Olympics and refer to them as Tolympics.

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