Olivia Colman Admits Stealing The Queen Elizabeth Stamps From the Crown Set

There has been a lot of excitement in royal news circles, as of late.

First, The Crown’s third season opened on a scene in which Queen Elizabeth portrayed by Olivia Colman, was presented with a revised UK stamp design, featuring her aged profile. Then, the Real Queen Elizabeth visited the Roya; Philatelic Society and the royal family took it as an excuse to tweet the actual stamps that have inspired a show. And now, we have learned that The Crown’s version of the stamps has been decorated in a new home.


The Crown Season 4

In an interview with Emmy Magazine, Olivia Coleman revealed her love for the props at the set so much that she could not resist taking them for herself. “That was just… cool. “I got overexcited. I thought, ‘Quick! Send a picture to my husband.’ All the stuff that I’m probably not allowed to have done, I did it.” Coleman said on seeing the stamp mockup for the first time.

Ultimately, she was not satisfied with just a photo and took a few stamps for herself. Coleman admitted to framing some of the stamps inside her house’s bathroom. But it is not only Olivia who is sticky-fingered. Her husband, she recently admitted, took home a souvenir of sorts when they visited Buckingham Palace.

She confessed to Sunday Times, “My husband stole some loo roll just to say we got it from Buckingham Palace.” Pair of toilet paper with stamps and you have got a perfect palace for an onscreen Queen!

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