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Oak Island Season 9 Is Happening? The Cast Finally Found Treasure?

Have you ever tried watching mystery shows? Yeah! We all are fans of those super-mystery movies and Of course, how can I forget the Scooby Dooby doo *nostalgic feeling*. Mystery series are always something worth trying because they take our curiosity to the next level. While there are many mystery movies and web series in the world. But today we have something different to discuss, a reality Mystery show, sound exciting? I am talking about the Oak Island show here. 

While many people are already familiar with this mystery reality show, some of them aren’t really. I know you are one of those fans who is a super fan of this series and that’s why you ned up here. In this article, I am going to talk about the show and its upcoming season. 

We’ll also discuss all the necessary and important things that a fan must need to know. Without wasting much time, Let’s begin. 

Oak Island – Know Everything About it!

Oak Island

An American Reality Television Series was first introduced on 5 January, 3015 after the History network decided to broadcast the show on their platform. Oak Island, which is summarized as “the Curse of the Oak Island” revolves around the discovery of the long-lost treasure. The show centered around a team of people that started their search for treasure on the popular island of Oak. 

Finding treasure on an Island? Sounds fun, right? The cast has to go through a lot of hardship throughout the seasons. If you are someone who loves this kind of show then you should probably watch it. 

Not only this but besides being a reality show, the director, Robert Clotworthy and James Thronton have amazingly tried to make the show interesting with the help of comedy. 

By watching this show, you will come across the history and the tradition of Oak Island.

Till now, the show has released 7 seasons for the audience and they are ready for their eight-season which is going to be released this year.

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Oak Island – What is it About?

Oak Island updates

The Curse of the Oak Island starts with the group of people who decide to go on the long trip to Oka island to find a treasure. Oak Island which is situated on the bank of Nova Scotia in Canada is something that has a long history. The show revolves around the two brothers named, Marty and Rick Lagina, who believe that they will surely find the long-lost treasure on the island. 

Oak island has been in history for its amazing kingdom rule and it is also believed that there is a treasure in the island which originally belonged to the island. While the brothers are so excited to see the treasure, there are also a lot of difficulties in the way ahead. 

Furthermore, the show also discussed the history and the tradition of Oak Island. The island is a great source of investigation for the historical for a long time and it has also recently discovered a lot of things. 

Everything starts when these two brothers come across the article which is published in the weekly magazine Reader’s Digest. The article was based on a family which has also started their search on the Island. This article took the interest of both the brothers into the show. They both took the help of Oak Island tours which is known to own the island in the town. The show started likewise and we came across these funny brothers who wanted the treasure by any means.

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Oak Island Season 8 – When is it going to be released?

the curse of oak island

The first season of this show was originally decided to release on 5 January 2014. Since the release, the show successfully went on the History channel and has been entertaining the audience ever since. 

The show has been running on the history channel for 7 years and it is truly amazing to go for this many years. The show has announced season 8 to be released in 2021. After being successfully running for 7 years straight, the show made it back on History television for its 8 seasons. The release date of the eighth season is 6 May 2021. 

Oak Island Season 8 – Is it the Finale Season?

the curse of Oak Island

The eighth season of the Curse of Oak Island is currently running on History television. The season hasn’t ended yet. That’s why there is no official statement whether the show will end after releasing 8 seasons. 

According to me, there are still a lot of things that the brothers haven’t achieved so far. Yes! Of course, they have achieved a lot of things which include the treasure stone which is similar to the treasure but we still want something big. I know that the show wouldn’t end without something big happening and there are a lot of chances that this duo will find something on the Island. 

Until any further notice by the officials, I can’t make an assumption that the show will be the finale. But as there isn’t anything the officials said so far, season 8 isn’t the finale.

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Oak Island Season 9 – Cancelled or Renewed?

According to the long history of this show, it’s seen that Oak Island released every year for the audience. The brothers haven’t received anything big and without getting a treasure, I don’t think that the show will come to an end. The creators of the show are planning to make more seasons and there are pretty much chances that season 9 will happen. 

If season 9 will happen, it won’t be happening this year because season 8 is already here. The release date of season 9 will definitely be in 2022. 

Still, we will wait for the official notice. Once the TV channel decides to announce this officially, I’ll let you guys know through this article. 

Oak Island Season 8 – Is there any Official trailer? 

New to this series? Well, it is a must to watch the official trailer before actually heading to the show. Also, if you have missed season 8 then you should also watch this trailer. The official trailer of season 8 of Oak Island is here and people are so happy that the corona hasn’t stopped the creator from making this show. 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZRhyHofQxJ8″ title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe> 

What are the ratings of this show?

The show received great ratings and feedback from the audience and the critics are pretty much satisfied with this show. The IMDb ratings of this show are 7/10 and the rotten tomatoes for this show are 71%. 

On the other hand, the show received numerous appreciations from the audience too. As the show is increasing its diameter, more people are coming forward to watch it.

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Season 8 of The Curse of the Oak island is already here to release, the show has been booked to release on 6 May on the History TV channel. The fans of this show were scared that they might not be able to watch season 8 of Oak island because of Corona. People are commenting in the trailer of the show how much they are grateful for the eighth season. The brothers have finally found some hope to still remain in the show and continue their search. 

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