Nowhere Special Review: A Simple Classic Movie That Will Make You Emotional

Nowhere Special Review

Get ready to make your eyes a little wet and your heart a little ache with James Norton’s new movie, Nowhere Special. James has just celebrated his 36th birthday and his fans have actively supported him all over the Internet. The handsome actor is known for his detective and TV’s mafia character, now seen in a father’s role.

Fans have been excited for the upcoming movie Nowhere Special. The movie was officially released on the OTT platform, raising the hope and excitement of the audience. Little did they know that the movie will take all of their emotions and they will end up crying hard.

While many people have seen the actor in different roles but mainly the characters are ranging as a hardcore Mafia or James Bond. but this time, it is different. 

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the popular movie, nowhere Special and all the other details for the fans. Keep reading the article to find out all the details reading the show. 

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Nowhere Special Review

Nowhere Special updates

James Norton has taken a completely different role this time, compared to what the actor normally plays in general. He is playing the role of John, a single father who is taking care of his only son. In the movie, John is suffering from a brain tumor and he is not going to live forever with his son and he knows it. In order to find a better living for his son, he started to look for a family, who can adopt his son and he can die in peace. 

John wants to find a perfect family and at the same time wants to make as much as a memory with his son so that both can have the happy moments to remember the former. 

As I said earlier, the movie is super emotional and every bit of the movie will make you emotional. His four-year-old son Michael is super adorable and often asks “where is mommy?”.

John and his girlfriend were very much in love and after his girlfriend had a baby, she walked out of his life. After the breakup, he was left alone with his son while her ex-girlfriend left the house. He was homeless and he started working as a car and window cleaner. Soon, John found out about his deadly cancer and did not have much time to live on the planet. As soon as the movie starts, the audience can already feel that John is ready for his end.

The adoption process was not that easy because John, who is not so rich and nobody wants to adopt a baby of a beggar. Every adoption center he went to, was mainly a “NO” from the people.

The writer has perfectly written the movie in the simplest way they can with most of the little details, which will make us emotional. One of the scenes where John was leaving his son Michael to the school. He instantly had an ache but the pleasure to see his son going to school was much bigger for him. 

Likewise, there are many more details in the movie that make us emotional all around the hour.

Nowhere Special – When It is Going to release?

Nowhere Special Review

Earlier, the creator of the movie had scheduled the release date of the movie to be 20 September 2020. But as the global pandemic happened and many movies stopped their production, resulting in the delay in the release of the many movies and shows throughout the world.

In such a time, Nowhere special has also stopped the production of their movie. Now, as the pandemic is slightly coming to the hand and many countries have already got the vaccine. Movies and shows are getting a release date and Nowhere special also scheduled a date for their movie. 

Nowhere Special is going to release on 16 July 2021 in the cinemas. Currently, streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others haven’t got the right to stream the movie on their platform. But there are pretty much chances that the movie will be available on any one of the platforms super soon. Keep tracking the situation through our official website and get the recent updates of the article. 

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Nowhere Special – Official Trailer

If you haven’t checked the official trailer of the movie then what are you doing? Check out the official trailer of the movie and get emotional just by watching the trailer. The official trailer of the movie didn’t get that many views as the movie failed to attract a number of people. 

What are the ratings of the show?

The ratings of the movie are great and both the audience and critics have responded positively towards the movie. The main attraction of the movie is the solid acting of the cast. Both the father and son duo have acted greatly for the movie. James and Daniel have amazingly played their side in the movie and their performance will definitely make you amaze. Before ending the article, let’s take a quick look at the ratings of the movie. 

IMDb rating – 7.8/10

Rotten tomatoes – 100%

Empire – 4/5 

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Wrapping Words

Nowhere Special is releasing on 16 July in the cinemas. For those who are looking to watch the movie on the OTT platform, I would like to tell you that the movie isn’t available on any platform. Currently, the movie is only available in cinemas and there are positive signs that the creators might handle it on some streaming platform. The super emotional story of a father who is suffering from a brain tumor and finding a home for his son. The storyline and the movie are praised by many people and are titled underrated.

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