No Time To Die James Bond’s “M” Retcon Could Cause Problems


One of there in issues in the iconic James Bond story is whether that famous name is real, or merely a code name passed down from agent to agent. This discussion will likely continue with the release of the new installation “No Time To Die” as it is rumoured that there might be a female lead as 007 because it is a possibility that it might be the end of the Male role.

No Time To Die

 Hence making it more confusing for the viewers. This iconic character was first portrayed by Bernard Lee, then to Judi Dench for 1995’s Goldeneye, therefore, gender-flipping the male role. Dench was a constant person through Pierce Brosnan’s patchy era of Bond and was retained when Daniel Craig overhauled every other element of the franchise. And since then he has been playing the role.


While Dench kept her position as Bond’s superior for a reboot, there was a slight change to her character. According to her “I thought “M” was just a designation, I had no idea it stood for…” which makes the beloved fans more confused as to who is the mystery behind “M”. One could also say that the letter “M” could be a code name as well. This made Dench’s character more personal and Bond’s speculation that the message was a designation which directly mirrored the thoughts of most fans.

In Skyfall, another spin-off in the bond series, M’s name is revealed to be Olivia Mansfield, confirming that her MI6 title was an abstract of her actual surname, as deduced by Bond 2 films previously. The M retcon in Casino Royalle could prove problematic for future movies after No Time To Die. But, there might be room for another conspiracy theories based on some left out information.

The best for the James Bond franchise when Ralph Fiennes steps away from the series would be not to mention the next M’s real name, and to keep such details a secret, leaving fans to speculate whether the surname rule still applies rather than confirming for sure either way. This could be a good marketing strategy for the franchise.