The famous UFC fighter named Nina Ansarof says that she will work or practice during her pregnancy time. We think that a fetus can derail the UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff’s MMA training. This thing can but the fighter herself tells us that she is not exactly putting her career on the hold when she gets pregnant with Amanda Nunes’ baby. It seems like she is wanting to work very hard for herself and her baby as well.

It is we know that she is not only the world-class fighter in the relationship the thirty-four-year-old Nina is the fifth-ranked strawweight contender in the UFC. We all know that she is a good killer when it comes to her job. But, with the two decided to expand their family in the year 2020 and Nina being the designated baby carrier some of the sources asked the two of them that how it will affect her career in the Octagon.



The fighter says that she will be taking a year off but when she will return, then Nina says that she has plans on moving up the weight class and competing in the 125lb- flyweight division. The fighter then says that she will be training throughout her pregnancy. Then she also said that she won’t lose her hope and she will stay in her shape, then she also said that she will not jump here and there some of the things she will have to stop.

It is very obvious that Nina is not planning on taking contact during her pregnancy or doing anything that will endanger the child in her womb, but on the other hand, she wants to keep herself in fighting shape. It is good for her but during the time of pregnancy she has to take care of herself so much, this thing should be there in her mind.