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Nicki Minaj’s Raps on Rosa Parks With Disrespectful Words




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Lately, Rosa Parks trended on the whole social media on Monday night as the listeners of Nicki Minaj’s new song that debuted whether the lyrics referencing the civil rights icon could be interpreted as the words “disrespectful” or a “double entendre”.

The artist herself posted a fifty-one-second snippet to her Instagram account on Monday on herself performing a track titled Yikes and there was one particular line in which the artist raps, “All You b***** Rosa Parks get your an** up”, this thing drew the whole social media attention.

Some of them interpreted the lyrics as making light of Park’s activism, while others interpreted it as Minaj calling on the others to fight for some cause that had mattered to them.

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The artist also tweeted on her account about this matter and many fans took it in a very different manner and there were some too who also took it in a different or we can say in a positive sense.

But overall this something to be looked upon one cannot just say anything to someone like that in a song or their lyrics.

There was some more argument that took place in social media this was not the only that the artist said to Rosa Parks there were some more things told or it was in her lyrics about her age and many more which is much more offending.

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But yet still some of the fans argued that the artist’s lyrics had been misinterpreted, stating that the rapper is pushing the others to take some action, rather than downplaying Parks’ central role in the civil rights movement.

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We are hoping that it will be solved as soon as possible the misinterpretation might be looked upon we have to know that what is the actual truth exactly.

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