Nicki Minaj Shares A Look At Her Family In A Rare Video On Instagram

Nicki Minaj recently shared a rare video with father and little sister in Trinidad.

It’s very rare to see Nicki Minaj comfortably at home in the arms of her family. The rapper lately shared a short video to Instagram of herself, her father and little sister, and the resemblance is so similar. Nicki shared the video along with the caption, “My Dad and lil sister Ming. “Though Nicki Minaj often claims 1/Queens, New York, as her hometown, Trinidad is the actual homeland of Nicki who migrated from Caribbean Island to the United States as a child.

Just a week before, Nicki announced that she has plans to return to Trinidad for carnival this year. Nicki never shared this side of her family, so fans were curious about what chart-topping was up to. Nicki’s father has a bold Trinidadian accent and said a short indistinct sentence in the clip. And her sister Ming is just like her twin and so similar.


Nicki is expected to be in Trinidad till Carnival. The last time the rapper visited her native island was when she had shot the music video for her song “Pound The Alarm” in 2012.

Nicki did not explain the reason behind her visiting to Trinidad for carnival this year, but fans are curious to see her and her husband, Kenneth Petty, in the carnival action. It’s great to see Nicki home with her family.

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